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carrot cake cupcakes

November 13, 2011

today, while making carrot cake cupcakes to welcome home a dear friend, i learnt a valuable lesson – when in doubt, always use the edmonds recipe (and not shonky american website recipes). i topped these (finally successful) carrot cupcakes with improvised cream cheese icing (i.e. various quantities of icing sugar, cream cheese and butter/marg beaten until you get the right consistency) and little chocolate carrots.

to make the little chocolate carrots, melt (in two lots) white chocolate buttons (i use nestle), then add orange (or red and yellow as i did) and green food colouring respectively to each lot until you get a nice carroty colour.  to shape the carrots you can either deliberately add enough food colouring to the chocolate so that the chocolate seizes and roll them out, or you can make a mini chocolate piping bag (my instructions are here) and pipe little tubes out, and then pipe the green foliage on top once the carrots are dry.

healthy (emphasising the carrots and ignoring the oil) and delicious! x

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