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carrot cake cupcakes

November 13, 2011

today, while making carrot cake cupcakes to welcome home a dear friend, i learnt a valuable lesson – when in doubt, always use the edmonds recipe (and not shonky american website recipes). i topped these (finally successful) carrot cupcakes with improvised cream cheese icing (i.e. various quantities of icing sugar, cream cheese and butter/marg beaten until you get the right consistency) and little chocolate carrots.

to make the little chocolate carrots, melt (in two lots) white chocolate buttons (i use nestle), then add orange (or red and yellow as i did) and green food colouring respectively to each lot until you get a nice carroty colour.  to shape the carrots you can either deliberately add enough food colouring to the chocolate so that the chocolate seizes and roll them out, or you can make a mini chocolate piping bag (my instructions are here) and pipe little tubes out, and then pipe the green foliage on top once the carrots are dry.

healthy (emphasising the carrots and ignoring the oil) and delicious! x


banana cupcakes

November 6, 2011

i secretly love it when our bananas go brown – hello banana cupcakes with chocolate buttercream x

rugby world cup-cakes – finals edition

October 23, 2011

i said if the all blacks made the RWC finals i’d make another batch of rugby world cup-cakes, so (luckily!) here we are. these are basic vanilla cupcakes topped with green vanilla buttercream frosting. i piped the eden park grass using the ateco 133 tip. and now, for the last time, go ABs! x

chocolate cookie dough brownies

October 16, 2011

see a theme emerging here?  this weekend i made chocolate cookie dough brownies – a layer of choc brownie, a layer of cookie dough and a layer of milk chocolate ganache.  i used this recipe, but as with most things in life, i felt there wasn’t enough chocolate involved, so added a bit more melted chocolate than the recipe called for, and a sprinkle of cocoa with the flour x

choc chip cookies

October 9, 2011

needing to use up the left over sweetened condensed milk from my cookie dough cupcakes, this weekend i made some classic chocolate chip cookies.  i used the (junior!) masterchef recipe and it’s a good one, although it makes a more puffy chunky cookie, rather than a chewy american-style cookie.  i’ll try some like that next time x

cookie dough cupcakes

October 3, 2011

this weekend i made cookie dough cupcakes – a combo of two of the most delicious baking items in the world – brown sugar cupcakes with balls of raw cookie dough in the middle and brown sugar frosting, with mini choc chip cookies on top. i used this recipe and would definitely recommend it (although i wouldn’t recommend accidentally doubling the sugar amount like i did – serves me right for baking before breakfast), especially as it’s made with special eggless cookie dough.  there’s quite a few elements to this recipe, so i made the cookie dough one day and made the cupcakes / frosting the next day;  the cookie dough kept well in the fridge over night. instead of making the mini cookies using a seperate recipe, i just popped teeny tiny balls of the cookie dough in the oven for a couple of minutes. mmm raw cookie dough x

PS. if you’re ever using a US recipe and don’t know how much butter to use, i recommend this butter converter.

macarons with white chocolate ganache

September 28, 2011

i made some more macarons tonight, bright red this time, and with white chocolate ganache. this just shows how temperamental macarons can be – i used the exact same recipe as last time and yet these little guys didn’t quite come out right – there are no ‘feet’ where the macarons have puffed up. still cute and colourful though… and yum x

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